ISWAK/It Started With A Kiss.

I am delighted that the sequel has started airing and seems to be as good as the first. ISWAK, otherwise known as Itazura na Kiss, has a special place in my heart. Was down with a bad bout of illness a few years back and was really really bored at home. Chanced upon this Japanese drama “Er Zuo Ju Zi Wen” and was immediately attracted to the handsome male lead, Kashiwabara Takashi=) He was my savior haha. In a nutshell: Zhi Shu (the male lead) is handsome, extremely intelligent and rich, the dream guy of all the girls in school. Unfortunately, he happens to also be very cold and seemingly heartless. Xiang Qin (the female lead) is just the opposite- hapless,plain, clumsy and ordinary. Predictably, she falls in love with the former and embarks on a mission to shamelessly pursue him

Sato Aiko and Kashiwabara Takashi.intropic1.jpgkiss.jpg

The drama was so-so…but being as bored as i was, i bought the comic set on which the drama was based. My first complete set of comics..all 23 books. The story-line was unbelievably ridiculous..but it was funny, sweet and very touching. XQ’s dumb plots, her kind heart, ZS’s family’s support- all these entertained me beyond words. It was also strangely heartwarming to see how ZS’s cold exterior eventually melted. The jap drama was lousy because the plot did not follow the manga. The drama ended up unconvincing and abrupt. Years later, when i got wind that the Taiwanese were coming up with their own version of ISWAK, i was skeptical but was proven wrong- the story line was great (largely because it was very faithful to the manga), the casting was perfect and the soundtrack amazing. ISWAK covered the first ten books of the manga, right up to the point when XQ and ZS wedded. ISWAK II will cover the remaining books. The manga ended abruptly with the abrupt demise of its creator Tada Kaoru. In her 23rd book, XQ was showing signs of pregnancy. Wonder how the idol-drama will end the story… but for now, i shall be blissfully entertained every week! Thank god for youtube=)


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