The little things in life which make me happy

Yesterday was a good day and i felt happy and contented. Now..if only all days were like this..=)

Reasons for the cheer

1) I am finally at least 99 per cent done with my photos. Being the camera-whore i am, i have taken at least 1000 photos, from the Australia trip in June, right up to yesterday. It was a massive chore- downloading the pictures from the camera, downsizing all of them to save space and of course, uploading them onto facebook and webshots for sharing. I’ve been procrastinating, but the sight of all my webshot albums spurred me on…and this brings me to the next point=p

2) My 11 webshot albums=) When i first got my good old trusty Minolta, i embarked on my first webshot album. Yesterday, for fear that my accounts would be suspended if i did not log in for too long a time, i logged into every single album (yes, 11 separate user names and passwords). And lo and behold, all the moments of my life captured from 2003-2007. Uploading photos can be very tedious..more so after i became a teacher. I locked up my pictures for fear students would uncover pictures of me with the BF, in bikinis or in the process of consuming alcohol. Since Mar this year, i became lazy and stopped uploading. But yesterday, as i saw my life unfold in these 11 albums, i felt…strangely moved=) The effort i had put into these albums these years was worthwhile. And so i decided to add more photos to the 11th=p. Next time can show my children muahahaa.. Webshots have also become more user-friendly!

3) I read the papers. Yes, the missus here needs her daily dose of news.

4) A surprise dinner with the BF who decided that he was not in the mood to slog in the office for extra hours. Went to eat my favourite porridge with luncheon meat..and then to eat French Toast with Peanut Butter and Si Wa Nai Cha from the HK cafe. The smooth porridge and crispy luncheon meat bring back fond memories…Fluffy soft bread with just the right combination of sweetness and saltiness coated with sinful, rich peanut butter..completed with iced milk

5) Sweet Relationship and ISWAK II! For those not in the know, these are like my favourite idol dramas. Totally fluffy and pointless but oh-so-sweet. A new episode is released every week online and i absolutely dig spending monday nights catching up.


2 responses to “The little things in life which make me happy

  1. i am watching Sweet Relationship too!!!!!

  2. aserendipitiouslife


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