of bowling, of photos, of money.

Bowled..to hilarious effect. I haven’t bowled since….JC days? On a whim, Bf and I decided to give it a try..and as luck would have it– a group of six JC2s were right next to us. Needless to say, they were all excited and for some weird unknown reason, i bowled really well while they were there! Muahahah.. a series of strike throughs! Students and BF were suitably impressed. Once my kids finished and left, my 8 pound ball just couldn’t stop rolling into the alley -_-“. So much for my “bowling talent”.

Need to develop photos. Bf complains it is a total waste of money to develop pictures in this day and age. But but but i can put them in pretty Precious Moments albums! I can paste them all over the wall in my room! I can put them in my IKEA magic photo frames and show them off in the dull staffroom.

Money matters must be settled. I am good at saving, very good in fact. I just need to know how to work the moolah to get better rates of return.


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