pasta de waruku!!!=))

I have been eating at Pasta de Waruku for two consecutive dinners.

The verdict? Pasta De Waraku lives up to the long queue and the hype.

The service was prompt. For both visits, we did not wait any more than 5-10 mins for food to be served despite the fact that the restaurant was full. The food was yummy- we tried the fettucini aglio olio, the kimchi aglio olio, the beef/cabbage/tofu special pasta and everything was up to standard. The fettucini was springy and palatable. Spaghetti aglio olio is tricky- more often than not, they end up tasting bland with just a slight hint of chilli and garlic. The worst version i have ever tried was served by Terra. Ok I digress- my point is simply that waruku’s fettucini was oh-so-yummy! Everything was nicely flavoured and isn’t too oily or heavy. The side dishes were good. We had the calamari the first day and salmon cheese the second=). Nice ambience, reasonable pricing, comfy chairs and every table gets a flask of iced water, saving customers the trouble of having to ask for iced water over and over again.

If i have to pick on something though, it would be the size of the tables. Clumsy people like me need more space=p. Nonetheless, for affordable, yummy japanese pasta, waruku gets my vote!!

Bumped into many people these two days. At Marina, while bowling, at Zouk (which was blawdy crowded) and at Paulaner. Was good…cos the bf was finally free enough to spare me quality time, and also cos of the coincidental meetings. It is always nice to chat and know that a friend…whether close or otherwise, is fine=)


2 responses to “pasta de waruku!!!=))

  1. tried the main waruku restaurant? Any good?

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    dined there just once=) had some udon..was pretty good too!

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