Was at Oscars @ Conrad for dinner. Dined there a couple of years back and on account of vouchers(*yay*), we made a second visit. Being a big fan of buffets, i must say that Oscars ranks among the top three in terms of variety=) The cost is steep..the meal was a little over $100 for two, but with the vouchers in tow, we spent 20+++ per person!

There were sushi, asian and western fare, soup, fruits, dessert, dimsum and a noodle bar which provided tasty laksa, prawn noodles and the like. The desserts were so pretty!


The quality of the food however, seems to have declined. Remembered Oscars as serving delicious food, but this time round, the food wasn’t to our palate. The butter cabbage was plain weird, the soup was painfully bitter, the chicken cubes had too much fat and the desserts were erm…too exotic for our liking. The noodle bar was okie though, as were the spaghetti and lotus fried rice=) But on the whole, still above-average lahz=p

Like the ambience at Oscars. Quiet without being too snobby or pretentious, service was prompt and served with a smile too. We had to sit in the smoking section because the restaurant was full..but no one smoked=) Diners…some were very very well-dressed and classy, but there was lots of aunties who jostled for the food like they were in a wet market. Many, us included, were casually dressed. The dessert bar however, was a mess. Too many people were queuing for the ice-cream waffle and the waitress there seemed to be a newbie. She was flustered, didn’t have a clue as to who came first or where the queue began. She randomly gave out waffles and later on abruptly passed the waffles to a colleague who took on the chore of putting the ice-cream on the waffle. The aggressive diners got their waffles quickly while the patient ones just waited dumbly.

There are better buffets around for the same price, but Oscars ain’t too bad=)


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