Men can never be trusted?

On one hand, i see a lot of happy couplings. Am kinda lucky, my sole experience has been fine (at least til now=)

On the flip side, i have seen even more broken marriages, cheating spouses, bf/gf splitting up cos’ of a third party or third parties for that matter. Friends and I have also been “hit on” by attached Mr-Nice guys.  They are supposedly off the market but do/say stuff that hint otherwise- giving presents, offering free rides, sharing r/s problems and saying things along the line of  “if i were not attached..i would want to be with you…” It would seem that many (notice i didn’t say all) men, even the harmless-looking ones are susceptible to temptations, and would not give up a forest for one pathetic tree if they had the choice. Sometimes it is luck, we have to pray our judgement is right.

But i guess…we gotta trust. A r/s without trust is not sustainable. But women got to protect themselves, especially when it comes to money. I am all for pre-nups, for separate bank accounts, for not loaning obscene sums of money to each other. I’m also all for subtly watching out for tell-tale signs and really, listening to the sixth sense. A woman’s intuition is rarely wrong.

Of course, women cheat as well. But since i am a member of the fairer sex, i shall not go there.. haha.


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