– The a**hole who inspired my earlier post about cheating. Just got to hear updates this morning, and really i would rather be spared from listening about him. At the rate he is going, he would probably have more affairs and sire more kids across Asia . Whether or not they will tend to him in his old age remains anybody’s guess. I hope not. All i care about now is that they are happy and grow up well.  Lesson to add on: A man who cheats once is very likely to cheat twice, thrice-over. Don’t even begin to imagine that you will be his true love and therefore, last woman in his life.

– The man who is fervently renovating his home. Simply cos’ he lives right underneath my flat and therefore i am suay enough to have to endure the “kok” sound that comes with hammering. I wouldn’t mind it, but he has been doing that for about a week now, from 8am -_-“. The renovation works end Jan 23, 2008.

– And the rude sister. It is really not my business, but i just can’t stand her. His response didn’t help either- “I would rather i give you the 7000 bucks”. You said it first.


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