The Warlords

People in the past have very dirty faces.

Tian Da Di Da, Dou Mei You Xiong Di Da!- loosely translated, it means brotherhood is king. (fearful note to bf: Noo, it’s a film!!)

These were the two things i took away with me after watching the film starring the very dishy Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Kaneshiro in particular, is so pretty that he, with a smeared moustached face is at least three times prettier than i am, fully made-up.

But on a serious note, i must stop watching war films. They make me weep. Wars are vicious, evil instruments which really showcase mankind at their very worst- how we are barbaric, how lives have zilch value (i just couldn’t stop tearing when the arrows just flew non-stop, killing 4000 people who could do nothing but wait for their death.) and how men can, egged on by the thirst for power and the thrill of blood, murder senselessly and brutally. Women are no more than mere pawn (The war slogan repeated throughout: Kill them, rob them, take their women!). The war scenes were nothing short of spectacular, and the acting, nothing short of stellar. Amidst all the magnificent fighting, what impressed me was that the film still managed to touch hearts. I felt the frustration of Er-Hu, the confusion of Wu Yang, and the fear of the soldiers. The movie was filmed with gritty realism, so much so that you forget the glamour and good looks of the A-list cast. Everything was kept real, you see the power struggle of the incumbents in court, how Pang, who started off as an idealist of sorts, eventually degenerated into a monster who sacrificed his brothers in his pursuit of power and his brother’s wife.

The well-maintained and sexy Andy Lau can act, i am totally convinced. Jet Li impressed. Xu Jing Lei was adequate in a forlorn -woman role. Kaneshiro was much better than i expected, but somewhat limited by his good looks. Whenever the camera zoomed in on that face, whatever he was saying was lost and i started imagining sweet-nothings coming out from those pink lips. Maybe it is just me.

My favourite scene: When Kaneshiro chopped off the head of a general, held it up and roared in a mixture of grief, shock and jubilation. That’s war- the human part of you grieves for the loss of life, the portion numbed by the horrors registers delight at killing the enemy.


One response to “The Warlords

  1. I would gladly turn gay for any one of the three.
    Nice review, btw.

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