Fate, destiny, connections whatever…

Do you realise there are people whose paths you never fail to cross, every once in several months?

I can think of several couples we always meet coincidentally…one pair always in tampines (along the shops, in the supermarket, at the atm), one pair always in Bugis, a pair we bumped into in City Hall one night and Vivocity the very next. After a three-year hiatus, we bumped into PQ and gf- one night at Vivo, the very next night again at Siglap- we sat right next to each other! And on the same night, we bumped into yan and husband, and i had on the very same tee she just bought me!

Then there are also the individuals. Along the streets, while that person is in the car and i am crossing the road, waiting for buses/shuttle buses, canteens, on public transport, while shopping/running/swimming blah, you get the drift.

After a while, i discovered that these were the same people i would always bump into. They could live in the East, West, anywhere…but somehow i would bump into them when i least expect to. It is almost like there’s a cycle and an order for me to know that these people are well and alive. And then there are those that you badly wish to bump into, but you never will, even if both of you stay in the same district. Ten years down the road, and you still don’t see them anywhere.

All of a sudden, i want to re-watch Sliding Doors.


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