Like duh!

Went to visit a doc for the ever runny nose. Clinic: just opp tj, the one with the big green cross. Doc: 30-ish man.

Clinic was supposed to open at 6pm. Doc arrived late, at about 615 pm. Proceeded to take his own sweet time to saunter around the clinic and visit the toilet. Then exclaimed to nurse: I am going to put coupon! walked off. Came back ten minutes later. If i didn’t know better, i would have thought the carpark very far from clinic.

Doc then proceeded to left me completely bewildered, and somewhat convinced he was trying to lengthen my consultation time.

Doc: “What’s wrong?”

M: I have a runny nose. I have been sneezing since morning.

Doc: Ok. Anything else? fever? cough?

M: Nothing else.

Doc: Sure? Nothing else?

M: Er no.

D: Are you on any medication?

M: Nope.

D: Are you expecting?

M: No.

D: Are you pregnant?

M: I just said No!

D: Are you breastfeeding?

M: NO!!

D: Ok, just have to make sure.  Lets check your temperature.

When all is done (using the stethoscope, thermometer),

D: Ok. Is that all? Nothing else.

M: (in a fierce tone): NO.

D: Just to check, are you expecting?

Arrrggghhhh!!!! Is a runny nose a new symptom of pregnancy? Do i look pregnant? I dun understand! Duh!


4 responses to “Like duh!

  1. hehehe.. nxt time, to save u the agony and $$, just come to me for medicine :p

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Hahah..i needed the mc.
    Which branch are you at now?? Still at the mrt?
    We betta meet up soooonnn!!!!

  3. yeah, i’ve lotsa things to update u too, haha.. btw, how do i view ur password protected blog? must i b a wordpress member or something? i’m stationed at tamp mrt now, shall arrange a time to meet up with u again 🙂

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    password is my boyfren’s name, aka your pr sch classmate hahahaa…
    otherwise it is my full name, surname first!

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