Jay Chou’s 我不配

I lurve Jay Chou so! He’s not conventionally handsome, i know, but he’s cute, sheepish, boyish and i laugh whenever he tries to act cool (cos’ he admits he enjoys the attention, unlike some other celebrities). Despite being too fair for my liking, he compensates by looking handsome when he plays basketball. He has a lot of rumoured girlfriends but at his age, with his status and popularity, who wouldn’t? At least i don’t get the feeling that he uses women for publicity. And his songs…i have almost 100 % of his songs, right from the first album. Some complain that his singing is muffled, his songs run-of-the-mill. But but..he has brought mandopop to new heights and introduced other genres to the ballad-dominated mandopop industry. Admittedly, i acknowledge that all his songs have a distinct Jay mark- you can recognize his songs immediately. But yet, every song is unique. His ballads make me smile or cry, feel the aftermath of a lousy break-up or taste the sweetness of first love. His catchy pieces make me dance or smile. His rap/r&B put me in different scenarios, i could be part of a mafia, in a period drama, anything, in Jay Chou’s music, you could really be anywhere. He is the JK Rowling or Tolkien of mandopop. And there is no doubt he is extremely talented – directing, playing instruments, acting, producing.

I know I am gushing hahaha. Lucky for me, the bf lurves Jay Chou as much heee.

I like this MV. Very drama haha.


2 responses to “Jay Chou’s 我不配

  1. u going to his concert?? I’m excited!!!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    YESH!!! This FRI!!!!

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