Almost like Newton’s Law.

History goes a long way back, with every bit of it contributing to the present.

Simply put, you reap what you sow. Every little seed matters, and whether your flower blooms or wilts, really, it depends. Sometimes, things can be as direct as output and input. A simple example: eat a lot of junk, smoke, drink in excess, and risk health problems in your later part of life. What goes in comes out=p

But sometimes what you sow is unconscious. It could be something as innocuous as choosing to turn left instead of right.

If i had not ignored you in the hall, would things have been different?

If i had not given you another chance, what would have happened?

And to you and you, if i had not reacted so strongly to what both of you had to say, would i have been who i am now?

If i had eaten more meat and skipped every day, would i have grown taller? :p

So everyday i remind my kiddos- to every action, there is a consequence, intended or otherwise.


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