Body # 19

This movie, produced by the same people who brought us the bone-chilling Shutter, was, in the tradition of good old Thai horror, eerie yet moving.

I love horror films and grew up on a diet of Count Dracula, the Exorcist, Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, Stephen King’s film adaptations such as Carrie, Pet Sematary and the Shining. It was a mother-daughter-granny activity and if my memory serves me well, I did watch a couple with my cousins and aunts as well. Therefore, I would like to think i am well-schooled in the art of Western horror filmography.

Sad to say, the last good Hollywood horror flick i saw was Sixth Sense, which was eons ago. I don’t know- either the standard has dropped or i have grown more courageous with age. I say the former is more likely. Japanese and Korean horror films do nothing for me- i laughed during The Ring and Ju-On.

Thankfully, Thai horror films filled my void. Thai films, like Japanese and Korean ones, go back to basics, using sound effects, sudden shocks and lighting to create fear. No fancy big budget Hollywood special effects needed. Thai horror films, similar to their Asian counterparts, are usually mind-boggling. However, unlike Korean and Japanese films (I have absolutely no idea what Sadako was doing. Other than crawling out of TV screens and combing her long hair, that is.), Thai horror flicks possess a storyline. Loose ends are tied, everything falls into place, the ghosts were clearly once human, and their motivations for bloody vengeance clear. The fear is so much more intense precisely because you know the personal vendetta of the dead. Love is a big theme of most Thai horror flicks. Nang Nak, Shutter and now Body #19 are moving because the dead gained peace through love and forgiveness.

Body #19 is definitely not the being the best i have watched, but quite far-off from being the worst as well. The boyfriend who hates horror films, found it quite scary haha.


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