Jay’s 2008 Concert!

We, lightsticks in tow, were in attendance at Jay’s concert last night. The very first run of his Singapore concerts, falling right smack on his birthday. It was rather disappointing but i still heart Jay Chou lahz=)

The good: I still enjoy his live performance. There is this malleable quality to his voice that lends itself to both catchy and melancholic melodies perfectly. Jay can sing, no doubt about that. Still charming, lots of costume changes=) and this time round, he wowed us with several sets of slick dance moves! He is really multi-talented, impressing with his deft fingers on the piano and the zither. I quite liked the amusing segment where he sat with his special guests Nan Quan Ma Ma and spent a good 15 minutes  just keeping up an easy banter with them and his audience. He changed some of the lyrics, rhythm, melody of his hits and that was kinda refreshing. Lots of visuals- think graphics, music videos, flashing laser light beams, fireworks-sort lights.


1) Too much visuals, too little heart. Pyrotechnics and the latest multimedia are supposed to complement a performance, not be the performance. Watching him made me feel tired. He was relentlessly performing- changing costumes, dancing, singing. He was so into the performance, he forgot the audience. Whatever interaction he had with us was rather limited and came across contrived. I wasn’t quite convinced when he said he chose to spend his birthday with us because we were special.

2) The enlarged screens and what appeared on them. We want to watch Jay. We paid the money to see him in action. I would expect the camera to zoom in on his nimble fingers dancing on the piano keys when he played a piece with Yu Hao of Nan Quan Ma Ma. But no. The camera zooms in on Jay’s profile when he is at the piano, zooms in on the audience when he is singing and displays MVs (which i have seen countless times on tv) and multimedia.

3) The selection of songs- he sang lots of catchy songs featuring difficult rap (Unfortunately, most of us recognize the songs but can’t rap), Ancient China-ish songs ike Ju Hua Tai, Qing Hua Chi (I don’t know what genre these songs belong to. Just that they would be perfect theme songs for movies featuring ancient China), totally missing out on his hits and ballads. He invited Lana but didn’t sing Shan Hu Hai. What was he thinking?!!And there was this total unknown playing the Er Hu -_-

4) He was sick that day, so he lowered the key for many songs. Quite obvious to die-hard fans. Qian Li Zhi Wai without Fe Yu Qing sounds weird. The item with Yu Hao- seen it on TV, it was rehashed:(

5) No birthday cakes/surprises! All we did was to sing him a birthday song led by, yesss, Nan Quan Ma Ma. If I didn’t know better, i might have thought i was attending a Nan Quan concert in which Jay was the special guest.

So overall, it was kinda boring. The last 25 minutes (after the part where Nan Quan Ma Ma and Jay talked to the audience) was good but just as things were about to peak, the concert ended very abrupty at an early 11pm. The audience, at least where i was sitting, was so quiet until the last 2 songs when Jay indicated (to our shock) that the concert will be ending soon. That was when people, us included, started standing up to dance. And before we knew it, it was over:(

Ok, but whatever. I still love Jay. His mother must be so proud of him, I was thinking. In fact, i was thinking that if Jay wants to go to war, he would easily command a legion of crazed male and female fans. Which makes it worse cos’ he really didn’t bother (Note to self: he was sick).


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