An act of bravado or stupidity.

Was waiting for a cab with the bf when we saw this old lady standing on the road flagging for a cab in futile. The passing vehicles were almost grazing her. The bf and I, worried, asked her to stand on the kerb and proceeded to flag a cab for her (Nope, that wasn’t the act of heroics haha). To paint a clearer picture: Three groups were waiting for a cab, the old lady first, us, then this tall and muscular man.

Just then, a man (skinny, wearing tight jeans and with a very suggestive swagger in his walk) arrived just as the bf and I were helping the old lady up the cab. He proceeded to pace up and down. Next, he crossed over. I was thinking that he would wait for a cab on the opposite side, but nay. He stood on the kerb in the middle of the road, hoping to get the best of both worlds. If a cab arrived on his left side, he would have a shot at boarding the cab. Ditto if a cab arrived on his right. I was beginning to get a little irritated.

The worst was yet to come. He, that scumbag, crossed over to our side again, walked just 10 steps or so away from the bf, me, and the muscle man and jumped queue right in front of us. I don’t know what went over me, but this surge of anger rose and yes, I charged at him. I used the word “charged” cos i was walking towards him very quickly, with heavy steps. He saw me approaching furiously and walked further down by maybe 5 steps? I continued pursuing him. The bf, being a bochap non-aggressive person (Let him be la! His cab could be stuck in a jam later)  was flabbergasted but came after me. And when i turned back with eyes flashing with anger and said: “Don’t try to stop me”, he laughed and said “Ok, i will beat him up if he dares touch you” (Note to self: Love ya dear!).

A cab came. By then, i was just right next to the dirty rat and he had the audacity to open the car door and slid into the car. Again, i don’t know what possessed me but i opened the door to the front seat so the driver couldn’t drive away. I told the driver that we came first. The driver said “ok, you guys settle it” with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. That dirty rat/scumbag/asshole/coward told the driver to move on.

“We came first. I am only letting you get your way because we are courteous. You are really rude. In future, please queue.”

The guy mumbled an apology of sorts, and appeased (boy i am easily appeased), i slammed the door shut.

On hindsight, I should have made him come out of the car. So the point is, i was really silly. All that drama and he got the cab. All i got was my bf saying i am “damn cute”. So love is blind=)

But a heavy dinner at East Coast Park hawker centre cheered me up! This picture shows what we ate, minus wanton mee which served as starters. We live to eat!!!


4 responses to “An act of bravado or stupidity.

  1. haha, sometimes i just dunno where u get that kind of courage, i hope i have it too.. cya on sat girl 🙂

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    i really dunno man..
    but u noe i can be quite hot-headed and when i am really pissed, i make a scene haha.
    You defintely do…you just dun display it on silly stuff like me
    Yeah!! u wanna do lunch or dinner?

  3. lunch will be great, where shall we meet? tamp?

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    kk lunch is ok for me.
    location confirm with u again k? may need to run errands..
    msg u ba..see ya!!!=)))

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