Phelgm, O’levels, Best films, Deaths.

Gonna be random…as my phlegm is threatening to choke me. No thanks to pasta and red wine at Sketchers. I do like Sketchers though- i like the fact that i can design my own pasta (fettucini, aglio olio style, lots of ham and  mushrooms), the huge portion, the above-average quality and the reasonable prices. Service is kinda lousy though, not that anyone was rude. They just took a long time to see your frantically-waving arms. Still, no regrets. Pasta and red wine cheer me up.

O’level results are out..some students messaged me..and well, i was touched they bothered=) Top student in Singapore has 9A1s, 1 A2. Gosh. They just keep getting smarter, huh? Well-done!=)

Read wee’s entry. He makes me want to retch. I already have phlegm threatening to claw its way out of my wind pipe. Phelgm must be grateful to him.

Was discussing best films of 2007 . I am three weeks late in compiling best-of-2007 lists..but what the heck. I like talking about movies (happy! there was a long period of time i gave up movies cos’ there wasn’t anything nice to watch but it seems like all the good films are coming all at once! Savages! Atonement! 3:10 to yuma!!Assasination of jesse james!!)

2007 was a movie drought. Only a handful of films left an impression. And no, no Harry Potter. In no order of merit: Paris Je’Taime (for natalie portman, for the meaningful sequence, for some of the beautifully whimsical short stories, for covering all themes of love, for making me tear and smile), Transformers (for Shia Leboeuf and for bringing out the child in me. For bumblebee!!), Lust Caution (for Tony Leung’s anguish, Tang Wei’s strength and naivety, for love and suppressed desires, human weaknesses, for Lee Ang whom i love), The Warlords, Nanking (, Pan’s Labyrinth which I caught on DVD (for the clever way in which harsh reality and glorious fantasy was mixed, in fact i am almost inclined to name this my favourite film in 2007.), Match Point which i also caught on DVD(oh yes, i love woody allen minus his penchance for young brides. Jonathan Rhyss Meyers is like freaking hot. I will watch Tudors all for him.) Seeing that 2 out of 7 films were DVD releases, i can only conclude that 2007’s movies were a collective bore. And yes, i don’t like Spiderman. At all. I went to the theatre so rarely, i think Spiderman III counts as my worst film of 2007. I fell asleep. Spiderman I was great, II even better, III left no impression.

Last 2 days were not so good…bad news about a kid, gloomy atmospheres. And then, the death of Heath Ledger. When i first saw him in Ten Things I Hate About You (one of my fave teen romance flicks, which is special cos’ i usually hate them), i thought he was talented and cute. He was stunning in Brokeback..I read the short story by Annie Proulx before i watched the film and when i saw and heard Ennis, i was amazed cos’ ledger totally brought out the character’s taciturn nature. He was just 28.

And so, lunch time discussions were all about it can creep up on you unexpectedly, how the ones left behind are the ones reeling over from shock and how in the end, the world still revolves, sans one person.


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