Happy Chinese New Year Eve!!!!

To start your Rat year on a high note, here is a very funny clip=)

Do not assume that Singaporean kids are any better. According to a recent survey, some local teens think Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are brothers. They even think Bill Clinton is….gasp!…Hilary Clinton’s dad. Poor Bill, relegated to the sidelines, and mistaken for his wife’s old papa.

Spent a lot of time spring-cleaning, and ended up covered with my sweat and dust. My room is horrendously disgusting. I really wonder how dust particles can coagulate into such fluffy masses. Teared a little when i saw my stacks of letters, cards, cranes and gift bottles given to me by friends and accumulated over the past 26 years. Teared a little more when i re-discovered a pink money box with a password i surprisingly still recall. In the money box were a few pieces of important items left behind by my granny. Mum says i am a karang-guni woman/hoarder but i am just sentimental. The shabbiest piece of rubbish could well be my treasure trove of memories=)

Am looking forward to cashew nuts, hei bi rolls, ba kwas and pineapple tarts!! It’s time to pile on the pounds with abandon and work out later!!!


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