Quick bites

I have previously praised Pasta De Waruku and I need to take my words back now. We visited the restaurant 45 minutes before last order and service was awful. We were served by a Miss Yumi Wong (some sort of a supervisor no less, judging from her attire) who was grouchy, rude and couldn’t even spare half a smile. Besides “showering” us with her hostility, she complained loudly to her colleague that she felt ‘sian’. She then cleared the table next to us while singing, once again very loudly, a Teresa Teng ballad. We felt like we had denied the poor thing of her well-deserved break. Food was disappointing- the pastas are no longer served with the yummy Wafu salad:(. We are not too sure, but the bf had a severe bout of diarrhea that very night. We both now suffer from Pasta Waruku Phobia.

Next, French and Fresh at Vivocity. Went there with the family on CNY:) The tartines were pretty good- think toasted, fragrant bread coated with your choice of fresh salmon, cheese, roasted chicken, crab meat and more. Try the provencale and salmon/cheese tartines!! Dessert was delightful as well, with the Opera being my favorite. Reasonably delicious and authentic French cuisine, huge portions, all at low prices!

Aston’s Prime wasn’t too bad=) Heard all about Aston’s Specialities, seen its long queues, and chanced upon its more expensive cousin. The food wasn’t superb but was above average- we tried the complimentary bread with its rather interesting garlic spread, the rich Chowder soup, the steak which i can’t judge cos’ i ain’t no fan of steaks (bf said it was ok), and the best of the lot were the steakhouse fries served crispy and golden with just enough spice and salt. We were entertained by a slim and attractive woman who insisted on speaking in an affected, pretentious American accent. When the waiter led us to our table, which was very close to hers, she chirped: “Well, we could all join tables and be good friends then? Where is the exclusivity if the tables are so close?” Exclusivity in a family restaurant?! Was she for real? When the waiter passed her pepper, she squeaked: “The pepper isn’t freshly grounded. Can i have freshly grounded pepper? They go so much better with the steak.” Muahaha.

The best Meal award goes to The Straits Cafe at Hotel Rendezvous! The Asian/CNY buffet was freaking delicious! Once read that famous chefs said they would choose simple dishes which triggered their best memories as their last meal, contrary to popular belief that they would want food befitting royalty. I felt an instant connection with world-famous culinary geniuses when i tucked into fried nian gao and soy bean steamed fish, last eaten ten years ago. Every single food item- the chilli crab, fried crayfish, sashimi, yu sheng, laksa, tang yuan was deeply satisfying, reminding me of my childhood=) 40 minutes into the buffet and we had only covered a quarter of the spread.

Spent two weeks filling my stomach to the brim. Damage done, with serious doubts that i will ever get to damage control:p


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