All in the spirit of Valentine’s Day

After much influence from love-drunk teenagers, i have this sudden whim to list some of my favourite romantic films/moments.

In no order of merit,

– Titanic (yes, i am one of those idiots who watched Titanic 5 times, and cried every time). C’mon, admit it, didn’t you like ” You jump, I jump”? And as much as i hate Celine Dion and her vocal gymnastics, i know how to sing “My Heart Will Go On” Near, far, wherever you are…..

50 First Dates- any scene involving Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Their chemistry was to-die-for. 

– How to lose a guy in ten days- Kate Hudson doing all things taboo to force Matthew McConaughey into a break-up.

– Ten things i hate about you. Just for Heath Ledger singing one of my favourite songs.

– Before Sunrise- For the endless conversations. For Julie Delphy and Ethan Hawke (before he acted in Gattaca).

– Lust Caution- The scene where Tang Wei serenaded Tony Leung in a Japanese brothel of sorts gets me everytime. She went to him, put her hand on his. His tough veneer cracked, he teared and placed his other hand over hers. That moment of tacit understanding.

– Brokeback Mountain: When Ennis and Jack locked lips in a passionate embrace, and when Ennis looked at Jack’s shirt and muttered: “Jack, i swear.”

– Tempting Heart. When Takeshi Kaneshiro hugged Gigi Leung using his trench coat. Awww…

– Finding Neverland: Entirely magical film starring the brilliant Johnny Depp and the lovely Kate Winslet. The film was tragic, romantic- not just because of the budding, forbidden and subtle love between the leads, but also because of Winslet’s love for her young children.  

– Gone with the Wind: Read the book when I was in Secondary Three and then bought the LD (LD!!What’s that now!!!??!). For Rhett Butler’s deep love buried under layers of gruff sarcasm and his manly charms. I nearly died when he left with just “Frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn”. Scarlett, u r a fool!

– My Fair Lady, a film adaptation of Pygmalion. Read George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion when i was really young. I found the screenplay together with a stack of Playboy magazines owned by my uncle (haha!) and then at the tender age of perhaps 7 years old, swore to become Eliza Doolittle. And then I watched Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle and i fell in love with her. Audrey Hepburn is stunningly beautiful lahz.

– Closer: for Natalie Portman who somehow reminds me of Hepburn, for the very realistic portrayals of the promiscuity of men and for the heated quarrels between lovers.

– Water. Bollywood film about the plight of widows in India and the doomed love between Lisa Ray, a young lovely widow and Narayan, a man from the upper echleons of society.  I think i secretly enjoy Bollywood fare- I liked Monsoon Wedding too.

One half hours more before another gathering. May i sleep before 1am….


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