My little angel

This week has been tiring, with me leaving the green building after 6pm everyday. I left at 2 today! *yay*

It is O-week, and I have bade farewell to my form class. Some are going to the poly, some to greener pastures and a handful staying behind. Singapore has changed- going to a poly was somewhat taboo in my time but now, i have a couple of 10-pointers choosing the poly route=)I am gonna miss each and every one of them sooo much cos’ they have really been darrrlings..the best i have had so far, i think. All the best, become Nobel Prize laureates, and answer my phonecalls when you are rich and successful! muahaha.

Was on the bus home, catching my favourite Just for Laughs. There is just something about watching people getting tricked that makes me very happy:p (bad bad, i know). At one scene, i couldn’t control myself and burst into loud giggles. Just at that moment, this aunty also burst out laughing. We looked at each other, and grinned. I dunno, but i found the whole exchange sweet, a fleeting instant of connection with a total stranger.

And then, for some reason, i was reminded of this encounter. A few years back, on a rather shitty and freaking warm day, I alighted at my bus stop and bumped into this extremely adorable little boy wearing a striped tee and a pair of blue shorts. He was with his mum, and he was wearing a Superhero mask. He looked up at me through the gaping holes (for eyes) of the mask, and grinned at me cheekily. So cute! We walked in different directions, i went off to buy tidbits to chomp away the anger (or whatever i was upset over, i can’t remember), and when i reached my lift lobby, there was that little boy, still wearing his mask, waiting for the same lift! Again, he looked at me and flashed another grin. His mum laughed and said something along the lines of: “Jiao Jie Jie”. When he said Jie Jie in that squeaky voice, i couldn’t resist it and without thinking (ok that happens. I act on impulse all the time. Must change), i bent down, and lifted his mask. When i saw his very sweet and absolutely guileless face, i thought an angel must have come to make my day=) There was just this intense feeling of peace. Probably, he is no longer as adorable and angelic. For sure, he won’t remember me. But on that gloomy day, he made me a much happier person.

Till today, i still remember his eyes and grin and everytime his pixieish face comes to mind, I am reminded that no matter how dark this world can seem to be at times, tucked in certain corners, are beautiful people and delightful moments that make life worth living. And no matter how worthless you think you might be, in your own little ways, you could have unknowingly made someone else’s day:)

And so basically now, i am feeling all warm and mushy inside. 2 hours more to a dental appointment for cleaning/polishing, and about 14 more hours to a very long day tomorrow- will be @ work until 9pm!  


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