Living to eat

For CNY and anytime i feel “heaty”, good old Chinese food is the best. Nothing expensive (ok, maybe sharks fins. ok, I must pity sharks), but porridge, eggs, luncheon meat (thin and crispy), sweet and sour fish, fried rice, ba kwa, home-cooked food….I really really like:)

Then for times when the weather is chilly or when i am having PMS, spicy food like laksa, tom yam soup, sambal whatever, roti prata with fish curry, nasi lemak with lots of traditional Malay chilli, super level buffalo wings make me a lot happier. Yu Tou Lu, Yong Tau Fu and steamboat are also part of my cravings during rainy seasons when the rain just can’t stop pouring.  

When i was training (note was. I seriously doubt i can even run 2km now haha), I want hawker fare..East Coast/85 mkt/Upper East Coast ba chor mee, carrot cake, chicken wings…Awww…

When the weather is warm, or whenever i eat what i deem as unsatisfactory, desserts (think warm brownies coated with chocolate syrup topped with cookies and cream ice cream, mudpies, ice-cream in pancakes or crepes) are much appreciated.

After weeks of bingeing on junk, i go Japanese- salmon sashimi! Miso soup! Sushi! Ramen! Mos Burger! Alternatively, I do Korean- kimchi! I am not entirely convinced about the purported health benefits of Jap and Korean food, but it is all psychological. Whatever makes me tick. 

When I am feeling stressed, Mac comes into the picture. Or BK. Or Long Johns. Rarely KFC. And potato chips. Also Bee Bee Snacks (these little packets which used to cost 10 cents in the good old days are now 15cents, no thanks to inflation), Hallo Panda, Twisties, Hersheys’ Kisses, Tim Tams, M&Ms..tidbits!

Western food comes in when i want to de-stress and consume junk in an air-conditioned environment. Or when i want good clam chowder soup, smoked salmon, fish and chips, calamari and leafy salads.

If i want supper, i think of simpang, siglap, and the HK Cafe’s milk tea and French toast. Sometimes, I think of popiah, ju kwey, dim sum @ Geylang, dou jiang you tiao.

And when i am totally drained, like I am today, Italian food makes me the happiest thing in the world. Nothing cheers me up more than bruschetta with lots of olive oil and vinegar, linguine/fettucini aglio olio, or with any seafood base or with pine nuts in a white wine sauce, and then a glass of red wine.

Some people eat to live. I really live to eat. Sometimes it is a struggle- what if you get fat? what if you end up unhealthy? But i really can’t diet. I rather run 42 km 10 times than not eat one meal. Serendipity hearts food.


2 responses to “Living to eat

  1. u made me very hungry.. hahaha

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    i know hahaha.
    I just had german beef patty and meatloaf
    i tell u..they are AWESOME!
    UU- i miss you!!

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