Leap Years on a Leap Year. Cool.

Caught The Leap Years with my fellow fire-fighters. The single guys liked it, the attached ones said they should have watched it with their other halves, and the women wept. Except me.

Don’t get me wrong. The film wasn’t bad. Wong Li Lin was luminous, natural, gorgeous, sweet and sexy, and, she alone was worth 7 bucks. I am no fan of Wong- I find her somewhat hypocritical especially when she is interviewed with her hubby, the dishy Allan Wu. He is so natural, she comes across contrived. So the fact that she impressed me says alot! She brings across the character’s innocence without being too cutesy and she was radiant. If I were a guy, I would have the hots for her, big time. When she cried, my heart broke.

I liked the soundtrack- Corrine May, I believe. Some parts were funny and there were some really sweet moments:) I liked the girl gang- Li-Ann’s group of good friends. Just found their interaction very real:) The casting was excellent in the sense that the teens who acted as young Li-Ann and friends looked very much like Li-Ann and friends in their 20s. Joan Chen, who is Li-Ann at 48, also resembled Li Lin:) The many love quotes from people like Albert Einstein were very true:) But you see, I am not touched cos’ i cannot make myself believe. To digress, I loved Tempting Heart because it featured two people deeply in love but who just can’t be together because of various factors. Many people have this one true love, the one whom they have established an instant connection with, but they settle for others cos’ that’s life. Many find the One and live together happily ever after. Many believed they have found the One and ended up realising that everything was an illusion. The scenario in Leap Years, however, is something that rarely occurs in reality, at least as I know it. So yup, i found the film cheesy. Qi Yu Wu was hilarious. The only problem is that I ain’t sure he was supposed to be funny. Raymond, or the guy Li-Ann nearly married must take acting classes. Chemistry between Li-Ann and the male lead was so-so at best. I liked the male lead when he was in Shutter- he was sexy. Here, he reminds me of Fabio. It was quite unsettling watching Fabio hug and kiss a hot babe. Fabio must take acting classes too- i could feel Li-Ann’s love for him, but not vice versa.

So, two half stars if we take Li Lin out of the equation, five stars if you are a very die-hard romantic who lives in the clouds and believes true love comes with the wind, three stars if you are me. Reasonable entertainment, sweet moments, and a beautiful woman make a predictable plot bearable, even enjoyable.


5 responses to “Leap Years on a Leap Year. Cool.

  1. it’s the same reason why i loved Tempting Heart. 🙂
    the bf cannot understand why. haha. he feels like life can be straightforward – if you like each other, just stay together for goodness sake. guys, sigh. haha.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    I think that could mean your bf loves you a lot. Haha..very weird to say this to u! wee! hahaa
    Cos’ he lurves you, he thinks you are his best choice, and he is now actually together with you= he thinks love is a straightforward business: Find The One and Be with her, Period.
    I could think too much.
    He may be just be well, a guy!

  3. I think wong li lin is hot too!
    Her husband also!
    Perfect pair!

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    yeah..rich, famous, beautiful
    with cute kids to boot:)

  5. hahahaha. yeah i think u think too much. 😛

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