Quite the perfect pair?

I am, after a meeting, feeling stressed. I am also, after breaks with different groups of people, feeling entirely confused. In addition, i think i am going merlion from her loud voice, the lousy milk tea and my two glasses of red.  Am going to take my mind off all things complicated by focusing on frivolous subjects and today, Wong Li Lin shall suffice.

As some of you will know, i have kinda developed a mini-crush on her after the Leap Years. The movie was so-so but Li Lin is in a league of her own. She is a bona fide MILF. I like her eyes- they are not too big but are Precious Moment-ish with cute eyebags. I am instantly cheered up by her very very pleasant smile and her hardly visible dimples. I lurve her heart-shaped face, silky hair, and hot, lithe body. I admire her look- sophisticated yet casual, sporty yet very feminine, tanned and blessed with a fair face (or maybe it is foundation), intelligent and independent but nonetheless approachable.  I envy her background in dancing and her success now (ok, she ain’t A-list but she writes, acts, teaches and looks good). I dig Allan Wu and i think two kids, one boy, one girl, no less are perfect. She got married at about 30? and has two kids by 35. Ok, that shall be my new target. 30, 35.

They make it look sooo easy to be rich, happy and gorgeous. Well, i guess everyone has skeletons in their closets, but at least they are picture perfect. -_-


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