Werner’s Oven ramblings

Tomorrow is Judgement Day. I feel a lot of things..a little worried, a little nervous but mostly, pretty scared. Thing is, i think my nerves were a lot more steely when i was getting my own results.

Spent a loong time talking to the fellow c’hers and yeap, after we all aired our fears, i kinda felt a little less apprehensive=)

And since my stress levels have yet to completely go down, i shall continue talking about frivolities and this time round, i will focus on food!! Have been gg to Werner’s Oven with the bf for THREE consecutive days…now, everything is fatty, sinful and high on sodium but very very very satisfying. Totally mouth-watering and absolutely effective for relieving stress. The sauteed potato tossed with crispy bacon bits, the tasty clam chowder filled with chicken and potato chunks, the fresh toasted butter rolls, the homemade beef batties and meat loafs as well as the warm walnut brownie and vanilla ice-cream spell pure ecstasy. The waiters esp. the sexy baldie with tattoos provide excellent service- i like his way of folding the receipt around the card. Sharp and swift, worthy of any top-notch restaurant. Prices are ok, and the crowd is made up of families and PMEBs.

I had earlier on talked about the food i can’t live without https://aserendipitiouslife.wordpress.com/2008/02/27/living-to-eat/. German food- the sauerkraut, pork loin, huge sausages and pork knuckles, i don’t like one bit. Werner’s Oven is the exception:) Ok, i also do not eat innards, char kway teow, white chicken skin, mutton, rare steak, sa zam ba (what do u call those layers of meat topped with a layer of soft fats?) indian yogurt and well, indian food (but roti prata is Shiok!), not even roti john. I first ate vegetables at the grand old age of 13. Prior to that, my granny had to chop vegetables into invisible bits and tuck them into my rice. I dunno y, but greens just scare me. I am a master of swallowing vegetables- one spoonful plus lots of water to wash it all down. To date, i have yet to try long beans, ladies’ fingers and brinjal. I think i have only consumed tow kay, sambal kangkong, cabbage, kailan. No more than thrice a week.

I am really rambling haha. Am a little tipsy after red wine. I lurrrve red wine and i drink at least 3 glasses a week. According to research, a person who drinks wine moderately (meaning up to one glass a day for women, and three glasses a day for men) and who also exercises is healthier and is at lower risk of cardiovascular failure compared to one who exercises but who doesn’t touch a single drop of wine. Despite my penchance for wine (in order: shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel..then merlot or pinot noir- i like the wine heavy, hearty, mellow and deep; not light and tangy), i am no wine connoisseur and i hate gg to certain wine galleries. I hate it when they ask me to taste the wine and start nonsensical pretentious preamble. Wine is wine, as long as the taste is fine!

Ok, am just typing nonsense. But wow, do feel a little better!! GOOD LUCK!!!! I feel like having teppanyaki!!! The word that appears most in this entry is “I” but wth- I am stressed!!!!!

They are not going to fail (X 100)


2 responses to “Werner’s Oven ramblings

  1. Haha hope they did fine.. dun wori, i think u did ur best and shd not worry that much…

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    they did bad..
    haiz..will blog about it when i have the mood…
    but thks anyway=))

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