Hediard Cafe, Astons Specialties, Spageddies

Spent my Mar hols buried in work (till midnight yesterday!) and eating (what’s new, i noe:p). Just quick sharing- my gosh, i’m getting really good at education lingo. They luuurrve the word “sharing”.

Hediard Cafe @ Tudor Court

What we had: Breakfast of Ceylon Tea, Eggs Benedicte and Parma Ham Platter

Ambience: *****. Relaxing and quiet. Makes you feel like you are in some European country watching the world go by.

Service: ***1/2. Normal but pleasant. Experienced a short five minute black out though! Sudden death of electricity…

Crowd: *****. We sat till 12pm and the place started getting crowded. Mostly very courteous, soft-spoken expats. Their presence further made me feel like i was not in Singapore.

Food: ***1/2. Food was very yummy but the portions were pathetic. Very good for those on a diet. Bad for hungry us. My ideal brekky should include bagels, hashbrown, big sausage patties and omelette. And pricey. 55 bucks for so little food!

Astons Specialties

What we had: Hot chocolate (for me!), mushroom soup, nuggets, black pepper chicken and fried fish.  

Ambience: **1/2. Like any typical fast food restaurant. What sets Astons Prime apart from Specialties is the lighting. I finally realised the importance of lighting in creating atmosphere.

Service: ***1/2. Normal but pleasant and fast! I do not like the waiters’ uniforms- their uniforms make them look sloppy.

Crowd: ** Noisy teens.

Food: ***1/2. Food was okie. I liked the crispy and tasty fried fish (minus the ambush: there was a layer of white mayo-like sauce underneath the fish. I do not like mayo!!! Ended up scraping the mayo off) and the rich mushroom soup. Bf likes the nuggets. The rest was of above average quality- but for the great price (20 bucks! No Svc Charge!), I must say it was definitely worth it.

Spageddies @ Paragon

What we had: a platter of soft-shell crab, fried mozzarella and calamari, a fish/chicken combo, and crayfish spaghetti.

Ambience: **. Typical fast food restaurant setting, and that sort of ambience for a meal which set us back by 60 bucks. Tsk Tsk.

Service: *. What service?! The supervisor was grumpy, the waiters were surly and the waitresses did not know how to put the plates on the table properly. The most stupid thing was that the appetizers and main dishes all came at once. I am not very particular, but the table was so small and the plates were so huge- any sane person will know that the logical thing would be to serve the antipasti before the main courses. But no, they served everything together and proceeded to give a black face when they had to take the spaghetti back to the kitchen cos’ there was just no room for more!

Crowd: ** Noisy.

Food: * Fast food standards. Nothing more. In fact, i am inclined to say that Macs/BK/LJS/MOS on a good day would taste better. 

Today was well-spent- driving around Singapore and just eating away, exploring little nooks and cranks on our little red dot, bumping into so many people on a weekday (ken, jk, gill and hy)!…More rushing to do: gonna be off to bintan with the girlies and i have yet to pack! Damn!!


2 responses to “Hediard Cafe, Astons Specialties, Spageddies

  1. Hey gal,
    glad u r feeling betta and everything!
    Have a good trip and hapi anni too!

  2. aserendipitiouslife


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