In what i think is a sure sign of a stressed Singaporean, i found myself thinking about work while lazing on a beautiful beach in Bintan, watching the world go by.

The sky was blue, the sun was bright, the sea was calm, the sand was glistening and all i could think about while sitting on the bench was :”Damn. The couple of hours i have spent immersing in the sun, sand and sea could have meant i have finished my lecture.” I shuddered just thinking about the work awaiting my royal presence back on the little red dot.

And true enough, a newly sunburnt me (with red arms and a red nose to match) returned to office to a MOUNTAIN of work.

But no regrets=) I enjoyed myself=). Very much:p. It was also nice returning to the bf, to a phone call from my cousin who needed advice and who trusted me enough to tell me stuff, and to my mum’s homecooked warm soup waiting for me in the living room right now. Happy!

More about the March holidays when this busy week is over.


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