I miss the Three Little Pigs

Heh, a huge picture of Yang Qian Pei, Patty Hou and Tian Xin.

Some of you would know how much i love watching Three Little Pigs. A delayed reaction, but I am mourning over the loss of AsiaPlus Channel 49. Apparently Singapore Cable Vision has decided to axe the channel because the channel doesn’t offer enough programmes. To make up for my loss, SCV said, AsiaPlus Channel 49 would be replaced by TVBS News. The way SVC puts it seems to imply i ought to be shedding tears of joy and gratitude at its generosity in bestowing me with TVBS News.

But but but

No one asked if i wanted to watch TVBS News! I don’t even really watch Channel NewsAsia (I prefer reading the papers anytime)! What makes SCV think i have a burning desire to watch news, and news about Taiwan in Mandarin no less?

Am i not a paying customer? I paid extra money to enjoy more variety. I paid to watch AsiaPlus, not TVBS News. The logic is that I pay for the channels I want to watch, not for channels SCV dictates i should watch. How could SCV have simply removed a channel I paid for?? I feel cheated. It is as if I paid a thousand bucks for a limited edition Tag Heuer, only to be told two weeks after I bought the watch that I must send the watch back to Tag Heuer due to some stupid reason, and then having Tag Heuer refusing to refund me and forcing me to accept another Tag Heuer watch which i absolutely dislike as compensation. Am i making sense with this half-baked attempt at an analogy? What happened to consumer power?

SCV refused to offer me a price reduction because well, i have TVBS News now! The catch: TVBS news can only be received if you own a digital setbox, which I Do.Not.Have. In any case, Starhub wins and if i want to watch anything more, i will have to cough up the cash. The woes of being a victim of tyrannical monopoly!

Still, better to be a victim of a despotic cable-tv operator than to suffer under the rule of a despot. Haha. Am feeling a lot better thanks to yeap you, you and you.


2 responses to “I miss the Three Little Pigs

  1. watch online lah. i always watch taiwanese variety programs online. poorer resolution, but can do lah. most importantly you get to choose what you want to watch and it’s free! hee.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    I absolutely agree girl!:)
    Happy Good Friday!

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