The last day of March

Am spending the last day of Mar at home, battling against the stupid flu bug. Think the bout of flu is the result of taking on too much- working very hard and playing very hard as well.

All that rushing to meet the deadlines, as well as the emotional stress, plus my insistence on playing rather than resting during the Mar hols and the subsequent weeks had taken a toll on lousy me. The bf has been going: “See, told you not to drive for one whole day and eat junk non-stop/go bintan and play/meet ur frens and talk for so long when you know you have to forego sleep to finish your work”. In other words, baby, you can’t have your cake and eat it as well.  

But whatever. The chats with the girlies make me feel more emotionally grounded, the sun & the sea make me feel more alive, eating junk makes me feel satisfied and baby showers make me feel that innocence is very much present in the dog-eat-dog world=)

Slept from ten pm and woke up only at noon. Better! 


2 responses to “The last day of March

  1. Yoz babe,
    hope u r feeling better! Beware the flu bug!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Am almost fully okie. Thank you:))
    Take care too!!

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