Mika’s Lollipop Cheer!

Just ended yet another dreadfully tedious mtg with The Majesty dispensing her usual gems of wisdom. Oh well, i have gotten over her nonsense and decided that i’m not gonna let her get me down.

Lollipop by Mika can either be beautifully catchy and uplifting or terribly irritating, pending individual preferences and mood. But i like it. In fact, i love it haha. It makes me sing aloud when i am driving and is especially good for the sauna weather enveloping Singapore right now. Instead of swearing in frustration at the nth car which swerves out of lane without signals in the glaring sun, i sing “say love, say love, or love’s gonna get you down~~~”Yeah, I am sending out my love to all the irritating drivers out there (ok, i know i am probably the lousy one but wth), just like how Her Majesty sends out hers to us:)


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