Romance in the air- Al Forno/Sky of Love

In an attempt at romance, we visited Al Forno for dinner over the weekend. It was quite a pleasant experience- the staff was polite and eager to help, the food was okie (we had the seafood pasta, mushroom soup, ham platter and chocolate cake) and the ambience was relaxing (minus the top 40s music playing which somehow wasn’t apt). Prices were a little steep, not altogether worth it as the food wasn’t outstanding. The highlight: Going off for a  short spin in the car, and ending up in Tanjong Rhu, sipping our Cold Storage purchase of red in the car with jazz music playing=) We decided to enjoy the car while we could haha..yep, the car will be returned tomorrow and I think i’m gonna suffer serious withdrawal symptoms- it’s back to waking up at 615am. Still, no plans to get a car anytime soon. It’s a liability not worth bearing right now in our plans:p

Saturday was Mum’s birthday- celebrated by giving her a cake and an angbow. Happy birthday!! My happening mother met her friends for karaoke all the way until 1.30am. Wow haha. The 53-year-old was out painting the town red while the 26-year-old spent the wee hrs of sat night at home, surfing the net, chatting with kz and watching Sky of Love.

Sky of Love, a Japanese sob love movie, is the most ridiculous romantic/melodramatic film i have ever watched. At many points, i really wanted to laugh out loud at the most inappropriate of moments.

1) Sweet high school Girl was pursued by an anonymous caller. After spending the whole vacation talking to this unknown stranger, Girl finally met up with her suitor who turned out to be this white-haired Beng. Girl, being the guai-guai sort was immediately repelled. Later on, during the very same day they met, Girl bumped into Beng again and this time Beng was watering flowers. Girl decided that Beng was a sensitive soul. Why? Well, cos’ he watered flowers! What a fantastic gauge of a person’s true self!!

2) Beng drove Girl back to his house. Kissed her and asked if it was her “first time”. Haha. They then did The Act. So much for the girl being guai-guai.

3) Beng’s ex-girlfriend, jealous of Girl, got three other Bengs to kidnap Girl. Girl was gang-raped. Beng found Girl, in tears, clothing unkempt and immediately realised what happened. Beng beat up the three Bengs and also, with the help of his sister, cruelly snipped off hair of EX-Girlfriend. Meanwhile, Girl did nothing. Beng’s sister advised Girl: “This has happened to me in the past. It makes you stronger. But do not worry- you still have Beng. You need not be strong all on your own”. WHAT??!! Should Girl be grateful and thankful to Beng??!The mastermind of a gang rape got away with a haircut?!!

4) Beng sent Girl home. Mummy immediately guessed what happened (true telepathy here. The Japanese are really good at filling in the blanks) and brought Girl to hospital, expressing her relief when Girl was found not to be pregnant. There could be missing links, for I didn’t know that one can test for pregnancy with such immediacy. Mum was also too calm for words- do all Japanese mums act this way? Do the Japanese not report rapes?

5) After some time, Girl convinced Beng that she was no longer scarred by the tragedy by kissing Beng in the school library. Girl and Beng did The Act once more, this time in the school library. Huh?? Huh??? Is this a manifestation of the Japanese preoccupation with school girl porn?

6) Girl got pregnant, suffered a miscarriage, and was immediately discharged from hospital after the loss of her baby. Amazing rate of recovery witnessed.

7) Beng broke up with Girl, breaking her heart. Unknown to her….Beng was dying from cancer…

Did i say that this film is ridiculous? Still, i finished the film cos’ i was bored, cos i liked the cheeky way Beng teased and pursued Girl, and well cos’ deep down inside, i wanted Beng, who was kinda cute to survive for a happy ending. But really lahz, if i had paid $10 for this movie, i would slap myself 10 times. The lead actress, Yui Aragaki, is really pretty though. She has the typical Japanese look- complete with big wide eyes, pink pouty lips, flawless fair skin and a perpetual i-m-so-innocent gaze. Close-up, her features aren’t perfect but somehow, she looks genuinely free from worldly troubles. When she smiles, she looks as happy as a little girl who has been given an unlimited free pass to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Big grins brighten up my day immensely. Monday Blues Be Gone!!



2 responses to “Romance in the air- Al Forno/Sky of Love

  1. Haha the show sounds stupid.
    But think it was a hit leh!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Yeah, i think it was=p
    I guess die-hard romantics would still like the film? hee

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