The absolutely dishy Jonathan Rhys Myers

For a long time, Brad Pitt had my absolute devotion. From the very first moment I set eyes on him in Thelma and Louise, I was in love. Sure, there were lots of Hollywood hunks i like- Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Adam Sandler (a funny lovable hunk in my opinion haha), Heath Ledger…but they were all no Brad Pitt.

Well, I still love Brad (even as he is now globetrotting, picking up little children with Angelina Jolie), BUT Jonathan Rhys Myers has kinda usurped Brad’s position (not that Brad would care haha). After seeing Myers as a cunning but oh-so-sexy playboy in Match Point, and as King Henry VIII, the ultimate Renaissance Man in The Tudors, I am totally won over. He’s just darn hot. Period. Adam Brody (of the OC fame) would come pretty close, but still not quite:p

Yummy!!!! Haha. Am gonna spend the next FOUR saturdays clocking 8 hours of work without any time off in return. Do expect a slew of frivolous posts in the coming weeks ahead. Other than my obvious need to de-stress, the thing is that i may not even have a personal life to blog about -_-.


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