Unspoken telepathy between me and the weather

For some mysterious reason, it pours whenever i say i want to run.

Me and my dumb mouth. I shall never say out loud when i intend to run again haha. I was somewhat accused for something i didn’t do today– not that i really care anyway, though i do feel a wee bit insulted. Hey, i’ve more integrity than that, no?  Air was cleared later, although i wasn’t sure she was totally convinced. But what the heck:p Being nice doesn’t put rice on my table.

It’s cold and boy, would i be willing to take some risks for a glass of hot chocolate.


2 responses to “Unspoken telepathy between me and the weather

  1. haha wanwan, dun wori, stand up for wat u tink is right, so dun take the blame for something u didn’t do! haha… take care babe

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    yan yan..
    i have so many grouses..very tired.
    ya but will take care=)
    btw, i dream of shiong last night- telling me that he minus my points after seeing me brushing teeth in a shower cap with water droplets on my glasses! haahaa

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