Petty me & the forgiving other half

In a silly outburst of temper over something childish, so childish that i really cannot remember what happened, i blocked the bf’s msn nick and proceeded to delete it when he didn’t pacify me within 10 minutes.

And since then, we have been trying ways and means to add each other BUT stupid msn just refused to budge. Today, the bf created a new account with a new email, marking the first time i saw him online since i-dunno-when.

A says:

POOR msn. The only contact i have is you.


“How about the rest of your contacts then?”, I asked.


A says:


When you are at home, I will log into this account. When you are not, i will use the other msn account.


Haha..thanks dear, for always clearing up messes i created!! As promised, i will not delete u from msn ever again. *swears* With your gracious permission just 5 minutes ago, I shall only block you when you make me pissed, and then unblock you when i feel like it again.

A says:

…..i am such an understanding bf

A says:

allowing u to block me when you are angry


 Yay! One to me!=)))








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