The beauty of Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is one of my favourite Hollywood actresses. She is stunning in a classy way, sexy in a sophisticated sense and always looks immaculate but natural. Not at all over-done, just nice understated glam. She also happens to possess a hot bod and has the knack of saying the darndest things. Mostly about her..ahem…nether regions. She once said that her Pharoah’s Tomb is her best feature and that she hates sushi,and believes her vagina would taste better. Totally crass i know, but i find it funny haha. Acting-wise, i loved her in Serendipity with John Cusack and in Click with Adam Sandler. She is such a lovable MILF!

And to listen to how funny she can be, and how attractive her English accent is, click on this youtube link for her appearance on the David Letterman show, publicizing some movie called Snow Angels. To digress, i think Letterman is a lecher who isn’t very funny. Everytime a hot babe goes on his program, he gushes about how “lovely” they look. Blah and so not original.

Another frivolous post, another long work day which ended at 730pm. Pui.


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