Today, i bade farewell to my long straight hair..the one true love i had since being deprived during secondary school days. Years of regular trims, heavy conditioning, salon treatments, minimal heat/chemical torture gave me well, what i think at least keke, was long straight soft hair.

But today, i permed my hair. The results? Erm…not ugly, but very poodle-ish. I am not quite sure what to do with it. The hairdresser gave me a long list of to-dos, but the thing is I wake up late, do not have the habit of washing my hair in the morning, HAVE the habit instead of washing my hair AT NIGHT, do not put any hair products and basically am a lets-wash-and-go girl. I am not too optimistic that my perm will last. Already, within er..two hours, my poodle-coochie looks limp.

I also look a tad older..and really..i am not conditioned to having big hair. It was supposed to make me look sexy in a just-got-out-of-bed way. I look more like i fell off the wrong side of bed.

Still, i am kinda happy cos it is something different, saturday is the close-to-last of my working saturdays, my bdae is coming and the bf’s gonna bring me to a chalet!!

Gonna go back to figuring out how to manhandle my hair. And you know, my fingers were itchy, i snapped off my fringe, and now it is too short. A poodle with a blunt uneven fringe. How cool and creative of me!!!!



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