First up, a big Thank-you to you, you, yes you!, who remembered:) Really really appreciated the sms-es, phone calls, facebook wall messages and the comments on the previous blog entry *grinz* It always touches me when people remember your special day- you feel loved!!!!

Well, i also do feel a wee bit older. It is like i have crossed this invisible line and am offically two feet into the late-20s kingdom (last year, i still insisted 26 counted as mid-20s hee). Note to self: I still look young, and am considered young -repeat 100x- 

I have been looking forward to turning 27 for some time- the year my bond ends, i become debt-free (yes, the university loans all cleared!), us turning 7, and for me really stepping into the age when you’re mature and stable, yet young enough to take risks.  Am kinda eagerly awaiting the last two to three years of new experiences and worry-free fun before moving on to the next stage where i become officially tied down by marriage, loans and babies haha.

You see, turning 1 year older also means more questions along the lines of “when are you getting married?”, “when are you planning to have kids? You are not very young, you know. tsk-tsk.” I don’t know really. Many say that once a relationship hits a certain number of years, it becomes stale and then marriage is the solution to revitalizing everything. I understand that line of logic but right now, i would say that we have been growing up together and really, every stage brings new challenges. I cannot see marriage as the magical antidote to a stagnant relationship and, although i am mostly extremely clingy, i still enjoy the feeling of getting to choose when he stays over and when he sends me home with a goodnight kiss after a date. The thing that would honestly push me into marriage is a child, cos yes i do want kids and i want them when i have a marriage certificate haha. However, i am so NOT prepared for a child now cos i haven’t enjoyed myself enough. Once you have a kid, your lives revolves around him or her. So the answer to when i am tying the knot is when i am ready to take care of a bawling brat haha.

Had a little mini-celebration with the fire fighters last night (and to dear girl, thanks for spreading the message to so many people haha), mummy gave me a red packet and i happily used the money to take a cab. Bf dropped me a little surprise on my doorstep at midnight and i am now waiting for him to take me for dinner!! Other than that, it has been a quiet birthday spent working and yan, i didn’t take mc hor. haha.

I am HUNGRY!!!!  


2 responses to “5,6

  1. hahaha… birthday must take mc wat hahaha… no lar kidding.. too obvious to take mc liao.. hope u had fun….

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    haha..ya lor…whole world will know cao keng!!!
    i don’t dare take though the temptation was definitely there lah haha.

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