We’ve to open our eyes:)

Sometimes, all we need to cheer us up amidst the never-ending flurry of work are the tiniest and seemingly most insignificant things- little joys which bring unexpected, even unconscious smiles to our weary faces…

For instance…

A NTUC trolley filled with the best comfort food

The anticipation of what lies beneath the glossy covers of gorgeous fashion magazines and then to spend hours reading everything and realising that the $10 spent was more than well worth the moolah

Coming across an unapologetically red advertisement with cool copy, all while tucking into a sensationally huge burger. Love reading advertising copy on anything- wet posters on trays, dirty walls, food packaging…

It was a very wonderful weekend. More about that later when i have the time. For now, it is back to serving her Mighty Queen but with a new mandate in mind. I am gonna Have It My Way cos’ I Am The Almighty Ruler, well, at least according to Burger King:p


4 responses to “We’ve to open our eyes:)

  1. yeah well, but i do realise that there are things which are just not within our control, haha.. pardon my melancholy..

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    nah..it is ok:)
    We all have these moments when things are out of our ctrl. anyway, i shall sms u Now!- just to make sure things are oki=)

  3. I so like how you connected the BK advertisement to the Queen! hahaa:p

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    haha…a chance encounter and my best attempt at a photo essay

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