Do you use your left or right brain?

Look at the picture below. Is the woman spinning in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction?

What it means if she is spinning anti-clockwise: You are a left-brainer! You use logic, believe in facts, look into the past and the present, comprehend word/language/math/numbers, and you are practical and safe. Most people would fall into this category.

What it means if she is spinning clockwise: You are a right-brainer! You use feelings, believe in the imagination, look into the present and the future, like philosophy, religion and fantasy, and you are impetuous and risk-taking.

Many people can only see the woman spinning in one direction. Many also see her spinning in both directions after a minute or so but there is still a dominant direction. The dominant direction would indicate the side of the brain you are more reliant on, but the ability to see both directions imply a greater ability to use both sides of the brain.

For me, i started off seeing a very clear clockwise direction and of all a sudden, without warning (i wasn’t told what the test was about when shown the picture), say after 10 seconds, i saw the woman turning and then spinning in an anti-clockwise direction. It was very cute cos the dancer appeared busy, changing direction repeatedly.  After a while though, she was back to turning clockwise very contentedly.

I would say the test is accurate, at least for me. Being a Taurean (yeap, i somewhat believe in horoscope cos’ i am really quite a typical Taurean), I am grounded, practical and stable. It is also true that i do well academically and am good in language/ok in the other areas. BUT i love fantasizing, i love sci-fi and fantasy, and can be extremely fickle and flighty with a taste for exciting challenges.

Which side of your brain do you use more?



2 responses to “Do you use your left or right brain?

  1. i saw this thing before. and now tt i’m looking at it again, i’ve been staring at it for quite a while and mine changes back and forth quite a few times. trying to determine if it’s fake! hahahaha. i somehow can’t believe that it’s really like that. or rather, i’m more of like too fascinated with the idea that our mind is so amazing.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    some pple think it is fake and that the picture is manipulated…yet there are frens who can really see in only one direction.
    Just dun take it too seriously:) juz smething fun:)

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