Think positive, positive, positive.

And so he said-

C: No one in his right mind would mind you as…….., not at least for a short while.

Gee, am i supposed to say “Thank you”?

In case anyone is wondering, it was definitely not a compliment. It was just quite insulting.

On a completely different note, i shall resolve to stop moping and start moving! Strength girl, strength!


2 responses to “Think positive, positive, positive.

  1. mind you as.. what?
    i’m confused. hee.

  2. aserendipitiouslife was a pervert saying perverse things.
    will tell u when we meet up..if we can remember keke
    and when’s the mac gang meeting up??
    And as much as i love mac bf, lets do smething diffn!!=p

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