Made of Honour

Made of Honour is a typical romance flick- think rich gorgeous playboy (Patrick Dempsey as Tom) meets intelligent, attractive woman (Michelle Monaghan as Hannah) who refuses to sleep with him, hence sealing her position as his best pal. Forward 10 years later and Tom realises that Hannah is his true love. Just before she walks down the aisle with someone else.

Erm, not exactly what i had in mind to blow me away after a long hiatus from films. But girls need romantic comedies at times. Futhermore,  J has the hots for Dempsey- a two hour dosage of Dr McDreamy was all that was needed to cure her of her mysterious nausea.

What I really liked about the film is Monaghan who shines as the self-assured and charismatic Hannah. Monaghan isn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but there is just this innate glow to her, something which promises a passion for living. This makes her both watchable and believable as a woman who is at the receiving end of affection from two hot-blooded men. There was good chemistry between Dempsey and Monaghan, with the half-hesitant, half-steamy kiss in the bar threatening to make my heart stop pounding. The supporting characters were more or less cute. Some parts and conversations were genuinely hilarious and aww-romantic. I like the soundtrack (as with most romantic comedies, Made of Honour has nice songs) and i so want to visit the breathtakingly pretty Scottish Highlands.

However, the film was very predictable. My mind was somewhere else half the time, cos’ i realised that missing 15 minutes of the film wouldn’t affect one’s understanding of what was going on. In between drifting in and out, i also came to the conclusion I must be immune to the charms of Dempsey and his curly locks. In fact, i think he looks like a lovelorn doggie and that his character Tom was just a spoilt, childish man who cannot keep his d**k in his branded pants. I cannot stand the cheesy lines. You are the perfect guy. It is just that you are not perfect for me. Is there a worst way of saying “I am just not into you” ? How can witty, sexy Hannah come up with such disgusting excuses? Most importantly, this film is about Finding The One Soulmate And Then Living Unrealistically Happily Ever After. Very unconvincing coming from Hollywood- the lala land of botched attempts to find true love and the profit-generating mechanism which glorifies promiscuity.

On the whole, three stars awarded as the film is pretty entertaining and sweet, albeit bland and clichéd . Five stars if you are a fan of Dr Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy aka Dempsek) and if you are not someone who shrivels up upon listening to lovey-dovey nonsense. But really, Hollywood must stop producing “True Love” stuff unless we are talking about cartoons..or perhaps when Britney and company finally stop producing babies like Mac produces burgers:p


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