Just feeling negative.

So this is one of those days.

Those days..when you get irritated by everything that goes on, when you can’t help but to roll your eyes, when you just feel like heaving a huge sigh, when you just want to prop your elbows on the desk, cover your weary eyes with sweaty palms and feel irritated, roll your eyes, and sigh. All at the same time.

On those days, you wonder if you ought to turn a blind eye to all things stupid, or if you should just stand up, jump and punch the stale air with your tiny and insignificant fist.

When i have one of those days, i can’t help but wonder if there are more of those days to come, or if i will, as usual, wake up in the morning and find life all beautiful again. And then i wonder, half in fear, half in curiousity, if i will ever wake up to find that those days never end.




2 responses to “Just feeling negative.

  1. no worries, by personal experience, it doesn’t last.. more often than not, negative thoughts are like big shadows, large enough to make u depressed, but yet scale of actual destruction, very minimal.. life’s still beautiful, coz of what we believe in, in the end i guess.. have a good day girl 🙂

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    i woke up feeling very good..
    then after one extremely dreary long day
    i am back to square one. Still…tmr is a weekend!!=)
    enjoy ur wkend and send my rgds to jeff!

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