Porta Porta, Full House, Earle Swensons

Porta Porta is one of my favourite italian restaurants…i like the homely, cosy and unpretentious feel of the place although the decor is rather messy haha. I also dig the equally friendly prices!:p

But what i really really like is the food=)

I think the real reason why i like Italian food is cos i HEART garlic and olive oil. Anything that is drenched in garlic and olive oil activates my salivary glands. We had the appetizer comprising zucchini, eggplant, pepper (yucks) and mushrooms…and then chicken soup…and then pasta with beef sauce, pasta with broccoli, calamari, chicken in mushroom cream sauce and roasted potato..then tiramisu (which i still do not like) and my greatest love GRANNY CAKE!! The food is very yummy lahz.

Moving on,

From Full House at downtown east! How can anyone resist this combination of cheese, egg and the almighty luncheon meat? Imagine my horror when China’s canned luncheon was diagnosed with ailments!!

And last but not least, Earle Swensons at Changi T3. No pictures because the food was honestly bad. The chicken wasn’t even thawed properly so the meat was terribly tough. The fries were soggy. The salad bar was merely passable.

All the talk about food is making me famished!


2 responses to “Porta Porta, Full House, Earle Swensons

  1. am reading this juz before dinner.
    pictures are making me very hungry.

  2. aserendipitiouslife


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