Accuracy of Death

I liked the film.

Accuracy of Death was, at certain points, almost boring. Several yawns could be heard amongst the audience and there were people who fell asleep. This film is about a gorgeous Grim Reaper or Shinigami (yes, the same kind in Death Note, the ones in the likes of Ichigo and Rukia of Bleach), played by the absolutely pretty Takeshi Kaneshiro. He goes by the name of Chiba in the human world. He doesn’t make people die, he doesn’t save the world from eerie hollows– what he does is to get to know the person intended for unexpected demise, and then decide whether to suspend or proceed with the mission of death.

The film is made up of three interconnected yet separate stories in which Chiba makes different decisions. The link is obvious although Masaya Kakei, the director, seemed to underestimate the ability of the audience to guess. Kakei tried too hard to create suspense but everything fell into place at the end of the second vignette for me, rendering the surprise element pretty much a failure. The director, in a rather contrived effort, also used sunflowers as a leitmotif– that somehow irritated me. The messages from the film are predictable. Age does not amount to much when it comes to death and you leave the world simply when you have achieved your purpose. The death of an individual is insignificant in the face of wars and natural disasters. Yet, death or life, depending on your perspective, is of vital importance to the person who lives it.

Still, i would give the film three stars. I left the theatre with a warm fuzzy feeling. I felt very sorry for the protagonist, her dreary life and the circumstances in which she abandoned her loved one. I admired how she accepted her lot, and how she embraced her long-awaited conclusion readily. You see, we never know how fate would work its enchantment on us. We can really only do our best to live our lives well within the constraints of our destiny, and then pray that our purpose has been fulfilled. The cast was excellent. Most importantly, this film is a Takeshi vehicle, and he was surprisingly aw shucks adorable in a comedic role.

If death comes in the form of the beautiful Takeshi, it would definitely be a little less scary.



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