A day about self-esteem and chinese idioms

Was a nice day to mark the beginning of the vacation:) Well, the vacation started yesterday but since i was at work until 530pm, Monday didn’t count. And although i do have to go to work at least once or twice a week…today marks the first complete day i have had to myself (apart from Sundays) for a looong time.

Had an inspiring morning tea with Terence who told me a lot about what i neeed to know. Appreciated, really. Aunt and cuzzie dropped by for lunch where she proceeded to tell me a series of ghostly occurrences. I was a little frightened after they left- i am totally chicken, I actually switched on all the lights at 3pm haha. It’s an irony cos’ given my penchance for horror films, you would think i am brave. Tsk tsk. Dinner was spent at the Expo with mum who had a craving for fried rice. The zha jiang noodles I had was awesome! =)

Some random stuff…

They went on a date haha! Wasn’t a date-date la, but since the rest of us conveniently found excuses to decline, they went ahead. At least they found each other’s company palatable enough to go on without us=)

Poor k. The car, branded stuff, tolerating all the infidelities just weren’t sufficient. The thing is, i don’t understand why he would take all that nonsense. He is young, good looking and talented. I don’t know much about the other party, but from what i have heard and seen from a brief encounter, she’s average, spoilt and superficial. Haiz, sometimes, Nan Ren Bu Huai, Nu Ren Bu Ai. Yi Ge Yuan Da, Yi Ge Yuan Ai. Or perhaps it is just a lack of self-worth/assurance on his part. Or perhaps it is true love. In some ways, I am touched although i do think he is being silly. Hope everything turns out well.  

T was telling me about this ex-colleague who kept on harping about how her family thinks she and her hubby are Lang Cai Nu Mao  and Shuai Ge Mei Nu (is that an idiom? haha). T’s grouse over a cup of Earl Grey tea was that this sort of self-praise, in repeat mode no less, is disgusting. I found it amusing lahz…T’s imitation was hilarious. Sometimes, this sort of behavior stems from extreme confidence, maybe a lack of social awareness, even a need for self-validation. I can tolerate harmless boasting though haha. We ought to be happy for them!: p

Sharon Stone actually said that what happened to the Chinese quake victims was “karma” since China didn’t treat the Tibetans right. What a careless, stupid and irresponsible comment. Whatever happened to brains, compassion and tact?



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