A morning battle

Early in the morning, at 9am (ok not so early lahz:p), I was happily awaiting the arrival of my bus to go to school when i heard a dreaded, yet familiar sound.


I slowly turned my head so as not to alert the enemy of my presence. Lo and behold. It was there, in all its patchy white-brown furry glory. The huge thing turned its head and this time round, its clear glassy pair of eyes stared at me with zen-like calm.


This time its purr was longer and somewhat more measured. I tried to look calm but I would believe I failed cos’ a couple of little pesky kids sniggered with one actually saying “Ta Pa!” (Mandarin for: she’s scared!)


I don’t know if i was imagining things but it suddenly seemed as though its fur was bristling and was standing on ends. It took two steps forward. I ran off.

In the end, I walked 15 minutes in the blazing hot sun to the next bus stop, all in a bid to avoid antagonizing the adversary.

Cat: 1. Serendipity: 0. Damn.

PS: I am not a coward ok. The cat was HUMONGOUS- at least 2 inches longer and er..1 kg heavier than the average.


2 responses to “A morning battle

  1. hahahah 1kg heavier than average sounds really funny. how you know?! 😛

    reminds me of the strange and traumatising encounter i had with a mad cat when you stayed over at my hostel room! do you remember how it just charged and rammed into me? *shudders*

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Arrgh! Terrible memories! hahaa….
    If a mad cat runs into me, i will be hysterical haha.

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