Rainy days go away!

You can try to take me out of the little red dot, but you can never take the little red dot out of me.

I LOVE the sun. I sleep comfortably without the aircon switched on and with a thick comforter over my head, even in the hottest of months in humid Singapore. Give me hot blazing summers over cruel harsh winters, any time. I am so intolerant of cold weather that I walked around in New Jersey, in June, in supposed summer, in at least two sweaters while asking every single half-naked American who would talk to me, “Are you sure this is summer? I am freezing to death!”

Needless to say, i hate it when it pours in Singapore (unless i am in bed of course). I would use fewer plastic bags and less electricity if it means i can get my usual sweltering mosquito-batting June days. It has been raining heavily on and off and the blawdy erratic weather is causing increasingly frequent bouts of sinus which in turn contribute to my increasingly irritable temper.

Look at the depressing sight of the typically cheery Aloha Loyang. Even this cute little toad which I captured while it was taking refuge under a shelter appears mighty lost and lonely surrounded by the plid-pod puddles of water. Poor toad, poor me.

The quintessential tropical girl needs the splendor of the celestial SUN! 


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