It’s a big strange world out there

From The Straits Time Interactive:

– The key to saving the planet, according to Japanese researchers, lie in Japanese wives. Being the fastidious people they are, they do their husbands’ laundry separately because their husbands’ stuff smell way too bad. The particularly foul items, in no particular order, are their socks, underwear and pillow covers. All that extra laundry loads, apparently, are wasting precious energy. Perfectly logical, yet rather funny. Won’t it make more sense to find out why their husbands stink so bad?

– Meanwhile, a 49-year-old Malaysian grandfather has taken his Fourth wife, after already siring 25 children with his existing three wives. ‘As long as I can afford another wife and am strong, I don’t see why I can’t marry,’ Mr Abu told the paper. Once again, it makes perfect sense, except you would be at least fifty when your next child is born. For how long more can you stay “strong”?  Foresight, sir, foresight.

– Closer to home, a man who siphoned almost $2m from his company over two years, blew all that money at the gambling tables in Genting. Why?

–  And for stubborn drivers: Despite repeated warnings, Singaporean drivers are still leaving their valuables in plain sight on car seats. In a Straits Times check of 500 cars, they found a Mr Stanley Tan who has no qualms about leaving his Crumpler bag in his car. When told that car thieves might smash his car windows, Mr Tan said, ‘If they want to smash, let them smash la!’ Forgive the 21-year-old if he sounds spoilt and nonchalant. Unlike the poor chap in the earlier case, Mr Tan probably has loads of cash to spare.

Really, people do and say the darndest things. Just like M Night Shyamalan, director of the very good Sixth Sense and subsequent flops like Lady in the Water (Huh?). Mr Shyamalan of that infamous ego compared his greatness to Alfred Hitchcock and also informed New York Times that “he considers himself very much the star attraction”. He adds, ‘The problem is the assumption that if I am selling the movie – because I’m selling me – that I’m being egotistical. If Will Smith did the same thing, it would be perceived very differently. You’re supposed to be hidden if you’re a director – that’s a rule that who said in the movie business?’


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