The dating game

A man fakes the future to get the present

Cheating is defined as the act of being caught

Love at first sight? I only believe in lust at first sight

Little gems of wisdom from Carrie & co. You would assume that these quotes are used to describe men. But nope. The tides have turned and at least according to the manhattan gang, women swear by these rules.

I once read an article written in a Sunday edition of Life- the writer didn’t enjoy SATC the movie (which i didn’t watch) and lamented over the pathetic state of carrie, miranda, samantha and charlotte. Look at them- four successful women and yet with all their combined brains and income, cannot hold a decent conversation without bringing in men. A disgrace to the feminist movement!

I, however, beg to diifer. Most women are emotional, or superficial, depending on your perspective on what makes for depth. No matter how far we may have come in matching men in terms of salary and aggresiveness, we are deep down inside, terribly afraid of being alone. We yearn for love and hope for romance. What has changed simply is our educational qualifications and our ability to bring in the moolah. We now have the means to play the field and therefore play the field while deluding ourselves into thinking we have become like men- we can enjoy physical intimacy, no strings attached. I am not about to make a sweeping generalization here (ah! the pitfall of gp essays!) and claim that no woman is capable of no-expectations-of-commitment flings. I am also not about to say that many women who play the field will cry foul after a night of hot sex and get their hearts broken. But many so-called modern women indulging in flings do hold this tiny flicker of hope that one night of lust can turn into something more. Many of them are looking for emotional, rather than purely physical fulfillment.

Thats why I love Sex And The City – these smart, capable women are having a ball of a time sleeping around, but they are also fully aware that this ain’t what they want. They know they are kidding themselves and therefore gripe about how pathetic they are all the time. They are, rather than a disgrace to the feminist movement, a reflection of how things have developed and how modernity with all its various options, have made relationships for women extremely complex.

Women have learnt to play the game that men play so well. They have learnt so quickly to the extent that they sometimes lie to themselves to avoid being disappointed. Carrie and co are just reminders of how complicated relationships can get, how confused women are about the difference between what they think they want and what they really want, and how Venus and Mars are different, and will probably never collide.


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