Ma Maison/Hog’s Breath Cafe/Pepper Lunch

Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction. Nice, cosy atmosphere. Good wine (tried the bottle and by-the-glass house wine, both are great) and the best hamburger steak. Really, hamburger steak and cheese with plenty of alcohol would make an excellent last meal for me. Am gonna just let the pictures do the talking cos looking at these images activates this intensely deep primitive craving for beef in me. Yum yum yum yum.

And Hog’s Breath Cafe: it was a tad noisy but on the whole, comfortable. The waiters were very obliging=) I didn’t like the wine though. Desserts on the other hand, were quite satisfactorily mouth-watering. Love warm brownies with vanilla ice-cream.

Gimme beef! NOW! (speaking of hamburger steaks, Pepper Lunch really serves pretty good ones at very reasonable prices. You also get to delude yourself into thinking that you are actually cooking. Sedap!)


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