Girls at US school get pregnant for fun

News headlines these days have been shocking the wits outta me.

Pregnant? Girls at school? For fun? What?! Well, according to my trusted news source, The Straits Times Interactive, the city of Gloucester is now investigating a pregnancy pact in which girls in a school agreed to get pregnant together. These girls are mostly below 16. Apparently, 17 girls of that particular school are expecting this year and those who weren’t successful in their baby bid “seemed more upset when they weren’t pregnant than when they were”.

This is really bizarre and very, very scary.

After the excursion and movie, i am feeling sleepy. I do want to lie on my fluffy bed but i am gonna resist the urge to do so cos’ 1) I need to wait for dinner 2) I am fearful of being an insomniac tonight.


2 responses to “Girls at US school get pregnant for fun

  1. oopzie…youths youths.
    i feel like sleeping nw too. am afraid that i will end up waking up at 3am. haha.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    haha…good night sweet dreams..
    i am gonna turn in at midnight…

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